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Type A UFO High Bay

Type A UFO High Bay 100W

Widely used in Factory, Workshop, Warehouse, Logistics Center, Exhibition Hall, Gymna-sium, Shipyards, Mining, Gas Station ,Supermarket, Other Places
• Stamping heat sink better for cooling, to ensure the performance, LED Tj < 85℃.
• Excellent Optics design improves the light utilization and evenness efficiently.
• 130 lumens per watt to help energy saving.
• Excellent light distribution and uniformity by lens or optic reflector. 
• Grace and fantastic shape, likes a flying UFO.

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1. Model Name: EV-U100W Type A
2. Mean Well HBG driver or SOSEN Power

High Efficacy

This high bay light delivers 14,400 lumens at only 120 watts of

consumption and is backed up by a 5 year manufacturers

warranty allowing you to rest assured that quality has not been

compromised to achieve output. Easily replaces HID 250-400W

on ceilings under 25 feet.


Multiple voltage input ranging from 100-277V with no special

wiring requirements and comes equipped with 0-10V dimming

compatibility which allows for use with 0-10V lighting controls

such as motion, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors. If

dimming is not needed simply do not use the additional dimming

wires and leave them capped off.

Certified Quality

This product has been independently certified to meet the

specifications it claims by an organization called Design Lights

Consortium. The DLC (as it is commonly referred to) maintains a

list of products that are held to their high standards of quality

and efficiency called the QPL or Quality Products List. Items listed

within the DLC QPL have met the requirements set forth by

Design Lights Consortium in order to remain on the QPL List. UL

and cUL product certification is available as well.

Excellent Heat Management

The entire body of this fixture is designed to act as a heat sink

allowing for excellent air flow over maximum surface area

dissipating heat quickly and effectively which maximizes the life

span and lumen output.

Savings Beyond The Power Bill

UFO rated 50,000 hour maintenance free life. With this light you

will achieve 70% of the initial lumen output up to 50,000 hours.

This not only saves you money in utility costs but this also

eliminates costly maintenance expenses.

Multiple mounting options

The included mounting bracket is fully adjustable and has a ½

inch hole which could allow this fixture to be mounted to a

threaded rod. If you don't want to use the mounting bracket then

you may also use the included eye hook and simply hang the

fixture from a chain.

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