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Emergency power system

LED Emergency Kit


-Work with LED lamp wiht external driver

-Constant Power Output

-Give different constant current if with different voltage LED driver, always the same output emergency power.

-ETL listed

-Additional relay that can control LED driver

-Over-discharge protection

-Working with Li 3.6-12V 2,600-10,000 mAh battery

-Long life battery

  • Detailed description
  • Downdload

Model: EV518T-120

Illumination Time: >180 Minutes

UL Listed: UL924

AC Input Voltage: 110-277V 50/60Hz

AC Input Current: Max 60mA

AC input Power Rating 8W

Output Voltage: DC36-40

OutPut Current: 500-700mA

Output Power Rating: 28W

Battery Lithum 12V 10,000mAh

Battery Charging Current: 0-500mA

Recharge Time >24 Hours

Efficacy: 100lm/W

Luminous Flux: 2700 lm

Temperature Rating(Ambient): -20~500C, 65+20% RH

Weight: 0.75kg

Emergency Driver Dimensions:  168x38.5x30 mm

Battery Dimensions: 245x37x40 mm

Warranty: 3 Years

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