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Emergency power system

LED Emergency Kit


-Work with LED lamp wiht external driver

-Constant Power Output

-Give different constant current if with different voltage LED driver, always the same output emergency power.

-ETL listed

-Additional relay that can control LED driver

-Over-discharge protection

-Working with Li 3.6-12V 2,600-10,000 mAh battery

-Long life battery

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Basic Data:

Model: EV518T-120

Illumination Time: >180 Minutes

UL Listed: UL924

AC Input Voltage: 110-277V 50/60Hz

AC Input Current: Max 60mA

AC input Power Rating 8W

Output Voltage: DC36-40

OutPut Current: 500-700mA

Output Power Rating: 28W

Battery Lithum 12V 10,000mAh

Battery Charging Current: 0-500mA

Recharge Time >24 Hours

Efficacy: 100lm/W

Luminous Flux: 2700 lm

Temperature Rating(Ambient): -20~500C, 65+20% RH

Weight: 0.75kg

Emergency Driver Dimensions:  168x38.5x30 mm

Battery Dimensions: 245x37x40 mm

Warranty: 3 Years


• Only offer 3 year's or 5 year's warranty or any other warranty period specified in the contract for the product from the date of purchase:
• Invoice or shipment bill is required to claim the warranty.
• The warranty policy only requires manufacturer to repair the defective product or send substitute for replacement.
• Installation labor, electricity cost and other related cost will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty policy.
• Warranty doesn't cover the defect caused by inappropriate use, especially if directions of the instructions for use are not observed, normal abrasion as well as failures which affect the value or use of the product insignificantly.

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