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• Inout Voltage:DC3.7V 
• Power:2W 
• Warranty: 1 years
• Lamp body material: aluminum alloy 
• Ultraviolet wavelength: 260-280nm
• Charging method: micro USB charging (Battery:18650x1) 
• Zoom mode: telescopic zoom
• Color:black
• Body size:128.5xD33.5mm
• Fixture weight: 118g
• Using hour: 5-6 hours after being fully charged.
• Can be used to sterilize the water but can’t be put into water

• Baby appliances disinfection
• Makeup brush disinfection
• Bedding disinfection
• Keyboard and mouse disinfection
• Pet items disinfection
• Car environmental disinfection       

• High-efficiency sterilization: The sterilization of bacteria and viruses can be completed within a few seconds, and the       efficiency can reach 99%.
• Broad-spectrum sterilization: UVC has the highest sterilization 
• broad-spectrum, it can kill and kill almost all bacteria and viruses with high efficiency.                                                              
• Safety and environmental protection: no ozone, no mercury, no secondary pollution                                                     
• It can purify organic pollutants: it can effectively remove formaldehyde and other organic pollutants in the air and remove odors.

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