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UV Lamp


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● Warranty:3 years
● Input Voltage:AV120V/60Hz
● Applicable area:20-40 Square meters
● Lamp body material:Full metal lamp holder + High temperature baking finish
● Control mode:Remote control +three gear timing
● Ultraviolet wavelength:253.7nm without ozone
● Support Dimmer:No

● The high purity quartz glass tube was selected and its hydroxyl content was less than 10ppm. After special processing, the transmittance of wavelength of 253.nm is greater than 90%
● Kills bacteria, viruses within seconds
● No hazardous to health
● No added chemicals
● Low operating cost and easy handling
● Widely used in hospital, school, restaurant, cleaning room
● UV disinfection is effective at wavelengths from 200nm to 300nm. It is absorbed by the DNA, destroy its structure and inactivate living cells
● To take care of the family health, disinfection lampmust be selected carefully
● People and animals must leave the site when the UV product is sterilizing
● Do not look directly at the UV light source
● After using,it is recommended to ventilate for 30 minutes