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● Power:40W
● Inout Voltage:AC220V
● Warranty:1 Year
● Effective Area:30-40 Square Meter
● Lamp Body Material:Quartz glass + Aluminum
● Support Dimmer:No
● Lamp Body Size:1270*30*50mm
● Lamp Weight:220g
● Package Size:1315*307*270mm
● PCS/PKG:55
● Package Weight:13.6KG
● This product can be widely used in: workshop, sundry room, washroom, kitchen, kindergarten, clinic
● The product can be sterilized at 180 °with a wide range of use
● It is easy to install, just lock the screws on both sides
● It is made of quartz glass, with stronger purple light penetration and better anti-virus effect
● Do not use this product when there are people, animals and succulent plants
● Do not look directly at the ultraviolet light source
● It is recommended to use this product for disinfection, open the door, and ventilate the window for 30 minutes
● 4Ft is recommended to use ozone free products at home and ozone containing products in the factory
● This product is fragile and must be handled with care. If it is broken accidentally, please remove the glass fragments immediately to avoid injury

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