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DLC 2.1 and UL Qualified 3000K-5000K Led Refrigerator Light source:   release time: 2014-08-07 14:33   Views:

We got DLC qualification for Led Refrigerator Light early this week.

DLC qualified 3000K-5000K 5ft led cooler light.DLC qualified 6ft led cooler light.DLC qualified 4ft cooler light.

DLC qualified 5ft led refrigerator light.DLC qualified 6ft led refrigerator light,DLC qualified 4ft refrigerator light.

The detailed model number for this tube are as below: 


Application No: 1A0736-51


ZY-22W1500(3000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1500( 3500K Frost) 

ZY-22W1500( 4000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1500( 4500K Frost) 

ZY-22W1500( 5000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1500( 3000K Clear) 

ZY-22W1500( 3500K Clear) 

ZY-22W1500( 4000K Clear) 

ZY-22W1500( 4500K Clear) 

ZY-22W1500( 5000K Clear) 

ZY-30W1800( 3000K Frost) 

ZY-30W1800( 3500K Frost) 

ZY-30W1800( 4000K Frost) 

ZY-30W1800( 4500K Frost) 

ZY-30W1800( 5000K Frost) 

ZY-30W1800( 3000K Clear) 

ZY-30W1800( 3500K Clear) 

ZY-30W1800( 4000K Clear) 

ZY-30W1800( 4500K Clear) 

ZY-30W1800( 5000K Clear) 


Application No: 1A0736-52


ZY-22W1200( 3000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1200( 3500K Frost) 

ZY-22W1200( 4000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1200( 4500K Frost) 

ZY-22W1200( 5000K Frost) 

ZY-22W1200( 3000K Clear) 

ZY-22W1200( 3500K Clear) 

ZY-22W1200( 4000K Clear) 

ZY-22W1200( 4500K Clear) 

ZY-22W1200( 5000K Clear)