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cULus Certifications for LED Tube source:   release time: 2012-11-23 15:13   Views:

cULus For led tube.This Certificates including cUL and ULus.This Certificates cover external driver and internal driver tube which have dimmable and non dimmable function.The AC connections have one ends connection and two ends connections.

The detailed information of this cULus certifications is as following:

1,Length type: 2ft of T8-10W600,4ft of T8-18W1200,4ft of T8-22W1200,5ft of T8-22W1500;

2,Led type: 0.05W of 3528 and 0.2W of 3629 or 2323;

3,Internal Driver and External Driver;

4,Dimmable and Non Dimmable;

5,One end connection and two end connections.