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KN95 Mask Sengtor

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Key Features
●  Breathable, anti dust, three layers folding,
    form a 360-degree three dimensional 
    breathing space
●  High flat, high elastic ear hooks for lower
●  With a concealed plastic nose, anti fog,
    can be adjusted to avoid voids and reduce
    the inhalation of harmful substances
●  High filter efficiency level of at least 95% 
    against Non-oil aerosols
Material Composition
●  Straps - Polyisoprene 
●  Nose Clip - Aluminum
●  Coverweb - Polypropylene
●  Filter - Meltblown fabric
●  Not made with natural rubber latex
Approvals and Standards
●  Registered and certified by FDA Meets GBT
    32610-2016 requirements for a minimum 95% 
    Filtration efficiency against solid and liquid aerosols
    that do not contain oil. 
●  FDA approval number: No.10062986
●  CE Certificate No. 0P200328E.DSP00043
Don't Use For
●  DO NOT use in industrial settings
●  DO NOT use for gases or vapors (i.e. anesthetic gases 
    such as isoflurane or vapors from sterilants ) 
●  DO NOT use in any manner not indicated in the User 
Use For
●  Recommended in relief from droplets and 
    certain particles encountered in  a densely 
    populated area

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