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360 High Bay PIR fixture Mount Occupancy Sensor


The YM2501A Occupancy sensor is designed to replace a standard light or fan switch.

It is ideal for high mounted areas such as warehouses , manufacturing and other high ceiling applications.

-It really can save more than 80% energy if High Bay luminaires adding this sensor.

-It always take care your families (Including pets) at night if the object with heat go into the scope of sensor.

-UL, cUL listed product, safity and insurance accompany you.

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Basic Data

Model number: YM2501A

Coverage Area:

-Best choice for 15 to 30 ft (4.57m to 9.1m) mounting heights

-15 to 20 ft (4.57 to 6.1 m) radial coverage overlaps area lit by a typical high bay fixture (refer to Fig1).



                        Fig1 Sensor Coverage Area


Sensor Operation:

The sensor detects changes in the infrared energy given off by occupants as they move within the field-of-view. When occupancy is detected, a self-contained relay switches the connected lighting load on. The sensor is line powered and can switch line voltage. An internal timer, factory set at 15 seconds, keeps the lights on during brief periods of inactivity.




• Only offer 3 year's or 5 year's warranty or any other warranty period specified in the contract for the product from the date of purchase:
• Invoice or shipment bill is required to claim the warranty.
• The warranty policy only requires manufacturer to repair the defective product or send substitute for replacement.
• Installation labor, electricity cost and other related cost will not be covered by the manufacturer warranty policy.
• Warranty doesn't cover the defect caused by inappropriate use, especially if directions of the instructions for use are not observed, normal abrasion as well as failures which affect the value or use of the product insignificantly.


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